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Finding pebbles at Setakang Beach

hi there,

last week we went to the Setakang Beach, the place is very close with the Sawangan Beach here in Kuala Penyu. mr.Husband asked us out and tagged along MIL with us, and yes the weather was sunny and the sky was blue. what a beautiful day!


if you are looking a great escape for lunch for Valentine's Day
pack your meal, and set your Valentine's Day lunch here!

mr.Husband is ready for ????

relaxing the mind and the soul

finding pebbles for his aquarium project 
*will blog about the aquarium project once it completed, insya allah*

and after managed to collect a pail of pebbles, he went swimming,
alone all by himself *yes, I'm jelous, I want too*

mr. Husband left his slipper and almost swept away by the waves,
and lucky me managed to pick it up 

a pail of pebbles

and we brought along lil' armies' mini pails, scoops and rack for them to play with the sand


and once they started playing, they couldn't stop


happy lil' armies playing with the sand

and we brought our lunch meal along,
and we even carried our rice pot together

all the lauk, and our drinking water in the woven bag

the boat owner live just opposite this beach

after spending about almost two hours, it's lunch time but it was high tide in the afternoon, so we hardly can have our lunch here, thus once again we were having lunch at the Sawangan Beach.

bon appetit.


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