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hi there,

we went out to Beaufort yesterday to change my Maybank card. we planned to change it last Thursday, but it was the unlucky day for mr.Husband when he got splish and splosh by the sea waves after our beautiful lunch at Sawangan Beach. if readers want to know what had happened to him, click here.

After changing the card we took our lunch and went to buy things in Servey.

oh yes! SERVEY is in Beaufort now. I'm happy about it, I can continue buying groceries and collect more points. as to date I already collect almost 22,500 points .... need to collect more points, so that I can redeem goods from Servey.

this is how we did our shopping. taking two trolleys are too much, aren't you?! 

we always do this. one trolley for mr.Husband and one trolley for me. mr.Husband will put both kids in his trolley and get things that he needs. usually, the things that mr.Husband needs are things that not easily broken or damaged or not easily tear off. so if the kids with him, I have no worry if the kids kacau-kacau the barang kan ....

and mine is different. I need to buy all the groceries, kitchen and house supplies ... you know lah, if you take a tray of eggs, I can't imagine what will happen if I put inside mr.Husband's trolley? .... so we always split when we do our shopping. moreover, the kids listen to mr.Husband better than me... huh! yes I know I gave birth to them, but they listen their daddy more than their mommy *sob sob* ....

it was raining like cats and dogs, we parked our car quite far , while waiting for mr.Husband to get our car, the kids asked me to push the trolley. see lil' Iman was so happy when I pushed the trolley quite fast, but lil' Amin looks a bit scared.

ok guys, time to park the trolley. let's go home. 

and you mommies, how do you do your shopping with your little kids. did you take two trolley like us? haha, please don't kecam ok. we only did this during low peak shopping hours, if too many shoppers inside, we only took one trolley and a basket. but to carry a basket with a lot of things inside is not practical, but still we consider others need to use the trolley.


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