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That Christmas 2016

hi there,

late entry.

so it was Christmas. we were at mother-in-law's house for the Christmas open house. it's time for family gathering. we have fun chit chatting to other family members and yes eat eat and eat. the in-laws cook and we have satay and ketupat as well. feels like it's hari raya la pulak.

my two young men were having fun playing with their cousins, and look at these three bums, guess what are they doing? I called them and asked what are they doing, but lil' Iman the only one answered "nothing mommy, nothing mommy".

and when I came nearer, they were playing with small pebbles inside the flower vase. Oh these kids aaaa I took the vase away. sorry dear, it's not a toy.

playing with their big cousins

it's Christmas, so they have Christmas tree inside the house with beautiful lighting and deco. and these two kids of mine, can't take their eyes off from it, not the tree but the small deco that mother in law hung on the tree.

they keep taking and playing the small deco and didn't put it back after using. I told them to put it back or else poh-poh will get sad. and this lil' Amin talked back "no, poh-poh not sad, see poh-poh is cooking" .... grrrrrrrrr *mommy will jadi singa betina if you guys are like this*

trying to get another deco
one after another

I asked lil' armies to sit properly near the Christmas tree, so that I can take one nice photo of them, but as always, they never sit still ... so among many photos taken, this is the only nice one I get, whatever *sigh sigh sigh*.

since I was quite busy chasing lil' armies here and there, I didn't take many pictures. ngee. but we have a nice Christmas that day.


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