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Accident fo happen in the house

hi there,

I think all kids at lil' Iman's age like to climb either the chair, the table, the house window, the door grille. I always tell lil' Iman to be careful each time he climbs the door grille, and always he remembers my advice, but as someone said THE SKY IS NOT ALWAYS BLUE. 

I was in the veranda to collect the dry clean clothes from the laundry drying rope, and just I was closing the grille, lil' Iman as usual climb the grille and I just barely pick up two pieces of our clothes, lil' Iman fell on the floor and he cried sooooooooo loud.

I quickly went inside, and saw blood was all over his mouth. the moment I reached him, he cried even louder so I hugged him tight and oh yes, my pink blouse smeared a bit with his blood.

since I couldn't make his pain away,  I just let him cry as long as he wants, and caress him to make him feel comfortable, and let the pain subside by itself. the blood seems stop flowing. I wipe his lips with handkerchief, but our lil' Iman is a scaredy-cat over blood, so he took the handkerchief to cover his lips and refused to take it off.

I persuaded him that the blood has stopped, so it's ok to take off the handkerchief. I need to see how bad was his lips. after long persuasion, I managed to see his lips, and in haste took a picture of his bruising lips. 

hard to get a good picture, but this one quite clear, yeah.

lil' Amin was a bit shocked watching his brother crying with a blood in his lips. lil' Amin didn't move a bit from where he was standing. he just observed everything. he didn't asked me anything the time I hugged lil' Iman. I guessed he understands the situation, in norms lil' Amin always have this jealousy feeling whenever his brother is hugging me (the brother rivalry you see).

but after the 'house environment back to normal', lil' Amin asked me "why abang cry?", and keep saying "kesian abang cry...kesian abang cry", but his last sentences really was not a joke

"itulah abang tak mau listen. mommy said don't panjat kan"
what making our door grille very easy to be climbed
is because of its small-ladder-square-shape.
oh lil' Amin, you are always ada sesuatu in your mind. later lil' Amin came nearer to lil' Iman and said "don't lagi panjat aaaa" .... hurmmmmmmm ....

and now who is abang and who is adik ni?

and I hope he learnt his lesson. I hope he will stop climbing the door grille. but the very next day he climbs the grille again.

ndak juga 'jerah-jerah'

happy parenting.


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