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Our Chinese New Year nite

hi there,

how was your weekend? hope you had a great CNY public holidays weekend.

after moving back to merphin house, mr.Husband become a busy man doing the mini series of our house renovation. and since all the works done by him alone, so I guess the completion works will be slow a bit but I am okay with that, no pressure applied


though mr.Husband busy with the reno works, he told me he wants to host a small gathering between family members CNY dinner. osh kosh bgosh in my heart.

dinner means we need to cook
cooks means we need to prepare delicious food
food means we have to make sure everyone happy with the meal

and it needs effort to prepare the dinner, plus mr.Husband is quite busy now *fully occupied* and now some more family dinner.

mr.Husband told me he surely can prepare everything from A to Z for about 35pax, easy peasy ma, that is what he said. ok, I should never underestimate him. so let's joy to the dinner! LOL.

for that nite, he cooks only three simple dish. and he did it all by his own, and only little did I helped him>>> he only asked me to peel off the garlic, soaking mi, and make the cordial drinks.

he prepared and start cooking around 3pm. and around 6.30pm, everything done. brother in law came to help to plug-in the sound system. and had our gathering at our parking lot.
our joyful moments 
dinner served at 7pm. buffet style. eat all you can, plus anyone wanna sing a song?

everyone were there. parents in law, brothers/sisters in law, nieces and nephews. we have a relax and chill dinner under the twinkling stars. the kids extra happy when mr.Husband brought the fireworks, and at some point, our dinner table covered with thick smoke coming from the fireworks.

and even lil' armies were enjoying their 'unsual nite' .... lil' armies even get green light from mr.Husband when they wanted to drink the cold cordial juice and the high sugar cake.

our simple food that bring happiness to everyone
and that nite, apart from mr.Husband's prepared meal, my brother in law prepared roasted chicken wing, my sister in law sent a nice gong xi fa cai cake, and mother in law made grilled fish with sambal.

mr. husband's menu were fried meehoon, stir fry cabbage with rice vermicelli and fried dory, and his famous secret recipe signature soup.

we were so happy that nite. mr.Husband and brother in law can't take off the microphone from their hand, lucky they sing well, and it comforts our ears that nite. LOL.

and even lil' Iman sing his own-creation-song titled 'lai lai katong'. the suddenly-become-most-famous-song  between the family members.

I didn't stayed up late that nite. I wish I could join the other members chit chatting, but lil' armies as usual very-the-on-time-sleeper, so need to put them to bed. and once they fell asleep, I cleaned the kitchen.

and 3 things I learned from this dinner :-

1/ the more we gather together, to more we know each other and the more good family bonding created between each of us

2/ don't worry if the food not so yummy like the 5 star-michelin-taste, becoz the family members eat up to their contentment and thanked you for your hard work preparing all these meals and they appreciated the food that we had prepared. no food wasted that nite.

3/  fancy food and fancy table set up is not required. they are always happy as long as there is enough table and chairs for everyone to sit and enjoy the food. it was an open air dinner, I tell you mosquitoes were our enemies that nite, but thanked to brother in law who light up the mosquito coil every corner to shoo-shoo away the mosquitoes.

and that nite, the stayed up until 4am. they eat, they sing, they play card, they chit-chat. what a great nite. so next time if mr.Husband wanna host another family dinner, I will grant his wish, and will never have any worries thinking this and that, and asking myself too much 'what if, what if' ....

so that's how we spent our CNY nite.

wish you all too have a pleasant CNY celebration.


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