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On this Valentine's Day, I love you guys even more

hi there,

anyone celebrating Valentine's Day yesterday? hope you all have a great day. Valentine's Day for me is just a very same day like any other day. I'm not into this 'Valentine's Girl'. There is no celebration between mr.Husband and I.

Our day yesterday just filled with ongoing house renovation work-to-do, we laughed, we smiled, we ate, we hugged, we kissed, we talked, we watched some funny video clips in his hand phone, we listened to each other sighed, we play with the kids, get little stressed over work and a bit frustration when the kids fighting each other, and on and on and on ....

we were quite busy yesterday. mr.Husband was working non-stop since morning doing all the renovation work by himself. and I helped him whenever he asked me to help him. the kids were playing as usual by themselves, but their mood yesterday were quite bad. they were cranky and grumpy one after another. *mommy sigh*

they even fighting each other over toys. lil' Iman was trying to save his toys when lil' Amin snatched. I heard lil' Iman said "Amin.... no no no, it's mine ... mine...mine" .... and a minute later, I heard lil' Amin cried loud. and me like >>>> grrrrrrrrrrrrr

lil' Iman nowadays such a sweetheart, I guess. when he saw lil' Amin crying loud, he went to lil' Amin and said "Amin, it's ok, ok" ... lil' Iman hugged and kissed lil' Amin.

lil' Iman managed to make lil' Amin stop crying and they were hugging each other. oh so sweet both of you.

and lil' Amin said "sorry" .... and that's another improvement in this brotherly relationship.

boys, you make my heart melt. please be good to each other, now and forever.

love you sons.


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