On my 38th Birthday ...

hi there,

I just turn 38th years old last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, another year older, hoping another step wiser. and hope more health for me. and to age gracefully ;) ....  I'm getting older and older each and every year. but hey who doesn't, right?

between mr.Husband and I, we always talk straightforward, we always failed when it comes to SURPRISE things, so better NOT. this year, I told mr.Husband not to host any birthday party for me, just a simple dinner for me and him.

I even told him that I really want to have steamboat dinner. since we have the steamboat set, so he just need to buy dish for our steamboat. and since I just started my diet things, so I request NO BIRTHDAY CAKE *sigh sigh sigh >>> I'm a cake lover,  but have to kentalkan hati*

mr.Husband, you are the best!

that nite, I put the kids to sleep. I told myself 30 minutes will be ok, the kids will fall asleep, and we can have dinner together, kunun la ... but guess what, the birthday girl tertidur sama with the kids! woke up at 10pm, and saw mr.Husband busy in the kitchen.

just the two of us :)
wah ..... hati berbunga bunga when I saw him setting up our steamboat dinner. and he listened me very well >>>> 1/ just a simple steamboat 2/ no cake allowed ..... LOL. and sorry mr.Husband for making you waiting too long to have dinner that nite.

 just a small table perfect for two
just a small table , for you and I .... seriously, we have no proper dining table yet. we intend to buy a new table, but later we thought, hey why don't we make our own table ... and that building a new table is in our upcoming home project. stay tune for it.

our simple steamboat and grille dish
fresh prawn, broccoli, frozen fish ball, frozen squid, frozen vege dumplings, mushroom
and yes with noodles too 
babes, do you know why I insist to have steamboat dinner? we have balcony and it's facing our little garden. fine, dinner at nite, and that little garden is out of our sight when come darkness, but don't you feel it's kinda romantic to have dinner at the balcony with just a dime light? the two of you and your partner? with a nice nite wind breeze?

so, that's the plan ... the romantic steamboat birthday dinner for two!

bon appetit

but that nite, it was raining like cats and dogs! .... and there is no way for us to put our steamboat table outside at the balcony, we'll get the splash and splosh of rain water! we end up having nice dinner in our little kitchen.

plan kunun mau beromantika dinner , tapi hujan la pulak! 

however, we still enjoyed the dinner, though not as what it was planned before, but still, TWO BIG FAT OLD COUPLE enjoyed the steamboat very well! and we even have RIBENA after that.

to end our sweet-together-steamboat-birthday-dinner, came the CHOCOLATE! you said you don't want any cake because you are on diet, but a bar of chocolate? I'm a person who can't live without cake or chocolate. it's irresistible ... LOL.

and earlier on that day, after finished our breakfast, we took the kids out, together with MIL, since MIL has nothing to do on that day.

we went to Tamu Bongawan first to buy some local food. not spending too much time for the tamu, we went to Beaufort for our lunch. and the lunch was on me.

for lunch, we choose the RESTORAN SUP IKAN SEGAR in Beaufort... and I hope the sup ikan will be really segar and tasty too... mr.Husband and MIL choose the same menu, sup ikan merah + rice, the kids eat mi goreng, and I picked udang masak butter kering + rice ...

the score for the menu that we ordered >>>> I give 3.5/5 ....

Pip's little family
taken on my 38th birthday
and earlier on that day, before we went to Tamu Bongawan, we snapped photos to remark my 38th Birthday ... wrinkles wrinkles here it comes!



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