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Product Review // The greatest TEFAL manual chopper

hi there, the day when I received a parcel from LAZADA, it is really a big JOY for me when one of the items included in the box was TEFAL MANUAL CHOPPER ... so this is my review T_T

TEFAL manual chopper

5 seconds to get a chopped shallots!
wow-amazing yo.

TEFAL manual chopper

so when mr.Husband decided to make homemade prawn mee soup, he asked me to chop the prawn finely. hey, what's there to chop by hand when we have this manual chopper, yo? this small kitchen appliances is really a great helper to me.

TEFAL manual chopper

just pull the string for few times, it makes the magic for you! ... ok, yes ... I agree, it is really like 5 seconds, everything finely chopped.

TEFAL manual chopper

tada! our very happy homemade prawn mee soup for the breakfast. simple and easy.

TEFAL manual chopper

TEFAL manual chopper here in LAZADA with affordable price

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enjoy your effortless shopping with LAZADA. 


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