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My sweet little Iman, Happy 2 years old baby

hi there,

Iman is sleeping rite now, chipumpum pon tidur nyenyak .... whenever tingu lil' Iman sleep sleep, teringat time lil'Iman kecil kecil dahulu .... dah besar dah anak mommy seorang ni .... muah muah lil' Iman .... 

Alhamdulillah, newborn Iman Rafael 

lil' iman and dad - 1 week age

Iman 1 month old, a colic baby
1st time using pacifier, but later he rejected it

Iman 2 months old, love to cry love to smile

Iman 4 months old, what a chubby baby

Iman 5 months old, love starring at mommy

Iman 6 months old, good at roll over 
from left to the right ... and right to the left 

Iman 7 months old, our very 1st trip to oversea, 
our happy moments @ Lotte World 

Iman 8 months old, playing with his Gahool the Owl 

Iman 9 months old, what a little buddha! hahahaha

Iman 10 months old, love his baby walker a lot

Iman 11 months old, learning to stand up straight (at her aunty's shop)

Iman 11 months old, love his cereal so much ... yummy yummy ...

Iman 11 months old, love to read *just pretend*
actually this little Iman snatched mommy's book

Iman 11 months old, with his Bamba the bantal bucuk

yeah! Iman 12 months old, can walk now! notty notty more 

Iman 12 months old with his friends ...
Gazi the girrafe, Gama the Monster, and his fav. book

Iman 13 months old, driving his ferrari

Iman 14 months old, cheeky cheeky boy

Iman 15 months old, love playing ...

Iman with che che wawa, they both enjoy playing together

Iman and che che wawa happy playing ferrari

Iman can't let go of mommy's tablet that he called 'Ginger'

Iman and che che wawa were forced to wear Brazil jersey 
though they are German supporters! ngee

mommy's boy is grown up well ! 
Iman love to smile and climbing at everything he could at 16 months old ... hurm.... 

Iman at 21 months old, vacation at Kundasang ...
quite cold, Iman wore his sweater the whole day and nite

Iman at 23 months old, talk a lot and play a lot

Iman at 23 months old, know how to pose when mommy said
one two three gambarrrrrr

Iman at 24 months old, this is the day
Happy birthday mommy's little boy

Iman at 24 months old, a good hyung to his dongseng

Iman at 24 months old, love his brother a lot ...
always want to go near his brother ...

Dear my gummypie .... my lil'Iman
Mommy love you so much ...
Mommy still remember how mommy deliver you into this world,
and mommy so happy having you in mommy's arm for the very 1st time,
you were so little, so tiny, and so light at that time...
but now, you've grown up a lot ....

let's live happily and full with love together with daddy and chipumpum ....



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