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Happy Birthday Lil' Iman 2 Years Old

hi there, ni mrs pip punya homemade cake, mmg sangat ndak pandai buat topping ... it is a double layer chocolate cake with blueberry cheese filling and topping

birthday cake
birthday cake

Ni kek yg sudah dipotong.... Ndak sabar mau ngap ngap....

it's 4.3.2013 ... a date to be remembered .... 2 years ago, mrs pip delivered our gummypie lil' Iman @ 36 weeks with weight 3kg ...and mrs pip still remember until today how mrs pip delivered him into this world, and thanks Allah swt to make everything easy for mrs pip, and thanks to mr.Husband for staying by my side during all the delivery process ... and Our LOVE to lil' Iman is growing everyday more and more ...

Newborn Lil' Iman and his gummy plushdoll

Lil' iman 1year old with his the late gazi the giraffe n his treller the lorry

besar sudah anak mommy ni, now sudah 2 years old pun ... karenah pun semakin bertambah, kejap mau itu, kejap mau ini ... 

lil' iman pandai posing, ngee
<showing off his fav. toys>

yeah, dapat hadiah ...

dear lil' iman , this small gift bought just for iman,
it's a small gift, but mommy hope iman will enjoy playing with it .

dan ini ialah kawan-kawan yg memeriahkan birthday lil iman ...
duck duck, gama the monster, doraemon & froggie the frog

dear iman,

it is your birthday turn two years old today, 
one day when lil' iman grow up n can read this,
mommy n daddy wanna let lil' iman know,
how both of us love you so much,

iman jadi anak yg baik, 
love mommy, love daddy n love adik,
iman jadi abang yg baik ok ...
muah muah ...

endless love,
from mommy n daddy

happy birthday Iman Rafael, and happy parenting everyone.


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