About Me


I'm a diver.

my bio.

mr & mrs pip

our beloved lil' armies;
Iman Rafael & Amin Johansen

proud to be stay at home mom

for any request / inquiry , please email me at sukasukasurirumah@gmail.com

Emphi Yap @ Mrs Pip


  1. Nice to know you Mrs Pip! :D I'm a working mom now, after a few years of being a full-time housewife. Also a Sabahan.

  2. Salam Mrs Pip
    Such a very nice blog you have here. Tonnes of worthy information and it's a privilege to ably read your amazing contents. Keep up the good job and hope to meet you in person one day. Lan.

  3. Hye mrs pip..ada dpt email saya x?berkenaan ga yg mrs pip sonsor tue..saya pmenang sponsor dri awak..nnt check email ye sbb macm ade probs je email sy nie..


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