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About Me

I'm a diver.

hi, my name is Emphi Yap, but you can call me Mrs Pip.
I started blogging in February 2015 . My intention to blog at that
time was to capture my kids growing up moments. 
It is the motherhood feeling to see every moments of their kids so 
when they grow up, I still can see all their stories recorded in this blog.

But, the intention has changed a bit here and there. 
Though I still put up stories about the kids, but I shared other things as well,
such as my crazy online shopping, and yes I am addicted to it and now
I am trying hard to reduce the addiction.

mr & mrs pip

I graduated from our local university, University Malaysia Sabah , 
Degree in Civil Engineering in year 2002 and received my scroll in 2003.
I worked with Bina Puri Construction Sdn Bhd as QAQC Engineering for few years,
and moved to Sistem Hospital Awasan Taraf Sdn Bhd (or known as SIHAT) as Consultant & Resource Personnel.

You see, life is crazy sometimes. After working with SIHAT for few years, I went back to Bina Puri but due to some reasons, I resigned and work back with SIHAT. 

When I married my mr.Pip, the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with,
I got pregnant and in the same time my contract with SIHAT will expire soon, so I decided to be stay at home mom.

our beloved lil' armies;
Iman Rafael & Amin Johansen

my dream is to be an engineer, and I even decided once to take my Ir.   
but at the moment, all the dream folded nicely in my heart.
I am more happy to take care my two naughty little critters,
and when the right time come, I'll see if it is still
relevant for me to go for work, back to the construction life
or liaising with people around.

proud to be stay at home mom

beside that, I complete the open water course to be a diver,
I am a sea lover, I love strolling at the beach,
snorkelling and swimming.
but to go back diving, I have to wait the kids
to grow up enough for ghem to get their diving license.

when I have free time, I love cooking simple dish,
read books, watching online movies and dramas,
organize our little merphin house, and go road trips with the kids.

Oh yes! If you need a caterer in town 
( KK, Papar, Kimanis, Bongawan, Membakut, Kuala Penyu, Keningau, Tenom) 
do let me know ya ...

so now you know a bit about me,
share yours too!

Happy a nice day everyone.

for any request / inquiry , please email me at sukasukasurirumah@gmail.com

Emphi Yap @ Mrs Pip


  1. Nice to know you Mrs Pip! :D I'm a working mom now, after a few years of being a full-time housewife. Also a Sabahan.

  2. Salam Mrs Pip
    Such a very nice blog you have here. Tonnes of worthy information and it's a privilege to ably read your amazing contents. Keep up the good job and hope to meet you in person one day. Lan.

  3. Hye mrs pip..ada dpt email saya x?berkenaan ga yg mrs pip sonsor tue..saya pmenang sponsor dri awak..nnt check email ye sbb macm ade probs je email sy nie..