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Monday, 2 October 2017

My 5 Most Read Entries in September + creating MrsPip Fan Page

hi there,

entry blog paling hangat
entry blog paling hangat

hello october! welcome dear .... we are in the month of october now, how time flies so quickly. goodbye miss september. nothing much happened in september, just busy with some lil' Iman playschool activities and other than that, everything was just a normal routine things T_T

as usual, I'll share the 5 most read entries, so what's hot in September?

Cara senang tanak nasi pulut
ada sesiapa nak masak nasi pulut tapi tak tau mcm mana? boleh guna tips yg mrs pip kongsikan

Susu Frisolac Comfort untuk bayi yang sukar membuang air besar + baby colic + bayi yang selalu kembung perut

Product Review // My Safi Rania Gold

Set berpantang Jamu Selapan Mustika Ratu + Tungku Herba + Losyen Yusmira Pati Halia

Happy Giveaway by Mrs Pip ( 28/8/17 - 16/9/17 )
done sending the gift to the lucky winner; shahida kasihkuamani and wana eiskay ....
thanks sha for making the special entry >>> Hadiah 'Happy Giveaway by Mrs Pip' <<< and thanks  wana for revealing the gift giveaway >>> Entry Khas - I'm the Lucky Winner Happy Giveaway <<< heart both of you!

ada rezeki, hujung tahun ni mrs pip plan nak buat MRS PIP BIG GIVEAWAY, insyaallah ... so stay tune ya...

Mrs Pip Fan Page

for the month of September, mrspip dot com has published 24 entries, less than before, with total pageviews all time history 172, 166 and total followers 230. besides that, mrs pip just created >>> Mrs Pip Fan Page <<< somewhere in middle of September, and currently with 90 likes. will have to work hard to promote the fan page T_T ... would you like to exchange 'like' with mrs pip? if yes, give 'like' to mrs pip fan page and leave yours in the comment section ...

and yes, mooncakes festival is just around the corner ... nowadays, halal mooncakes are easy to get everywhere. did you get yours? I have mine too. in conjunction of this festival, I managed to attend the mooncakes event at the Promenade Hotel on 13th September, last month.

Mooncakes Event @ Promenade Hotel

kindly read my entry here >>> The Art of Pairing Promenade's Mooncakes with Fragrant Chinese Tea  <<< and I even shared stories about mooncakes when I was a little girl :))


besides that, I am part of co-sponsor for 'First Beautybox Giveaway with Love' together with other awesome bloggers, launched by MellyaCrayola, and the beauty box valued RM250.00 for one (1) lucky winner.
beauty box revealed!
what are you waiting for, come and join the GA.
visit MellyaCrayola blog for the GA >>> First Beauty Box Giveaway By Us With Love ❤ <<< and if you wanna know what is inside the box, click here >>> Beauty Box Revealed ! <<< what is so good to part of the co-sponsor for other bloggers' giveaway? .... I will write a separate post about it later. at the moment, come and join the giveaway.

happy blogging everyone.

thanks for reading



  1. Wah entri tanak nasi pulut tu masing no 1 utk bulan ni ye Mrs Pip. Tahniah.

    1. Hi Ana... entry nasi pulut ni tetiba naik rating lepas raya hari tu...
      Ramai kot yg nak masak nasi pulut time raya ... hope entry ni membantu mereka yg nak makan nasi pulut tp tak tau nak tanak mcm mana ....

  2. hah! Nasib baik mummy dah pandai tanak pulut. kalo tak samalah jadi penyumbang utama pada pageview ..hehe

    1. hehe, tu la kan mummy ... mrs pip ni bukan pandai tanak nasi pulut,
      so bila berjaya tanak nasi pulut tu, so terus buat entry, kalau terlupa senang utk refer balik :)) ...

  3. 24 entries dalam satu bulan!! Wow! Banyaknyaaaa. Rajinnya Mrs Pip. Bila Siqah nak follow Mrs Pip ni, dalam sebulan entri siqah less than 10. Hii.

    Btw, Tahniah Mrs Pip :)

    1. Hi Siqah, mrs pip ni kalau boring2 tak tau nak buat apa, menghadap blog jer lah, tu yg byk up entry :)) ...

  4. byknya entry kak pip bln lalu, sha baru 11 haha..xapa usaha lagi kan kak..oh ya tahnoah dah ada fan page, sha dah klik tau hihi

  5. Seronoknya tengok mrs pip buat ranking macam ni.. Annur tak mampu lagi nak buat sebab entri bulanan tak pernah lebih dari 10 macam tak sesuai je nak buat top 5 entri macam mrs pip buat ni. Kena simpan cita-cita ni. *genggam dua tangan*

    Done like fanpage juga ^_^

  6. safi rania gold memang bagus. few years aida guna.
    jamu mustika ratu = jamu berpantang aida 3 kali tau, mrspip.
    and beauty box tu? aida da klik utk join :)