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Monday, 11 September 2017

My 5 Most Read Entries in August + Blog's New Domain Name

hi there,

happy September everyone. how's your day? .. I'm busy with my kids and we just coming home after a 9 days away from home during Merdeka Day, Raya Haji and extended 1 day public holiday of Sea Games.

we were just staying at mr.Husband's working place in Banjaran Crocker (Crocker Range), Keningau Station. the place is quite quiet, calm and cold with average temperature about 25 - 26 degree celcius. and yes, we managed to spend a time to go to Mahua Waterfall, located at Crocker Range Sub-Station in Tambunan on Merdeka Day, and a road trip Keningau-Sook-Nabawan-Sepulut and later go to Tulid  before coming back to the Crocker Range.

will share you the entry post of our visit at Mahua Waterfall later, but before that, let's see what's so famous in August inside this blog.


Cara senang tanak nasi pulut

this entry was placed at #3 in July! ok, anyone want to tanak nasi pulut? no ideas how to do it. read my entry ya ... hope it helps you gals.

Susu Frisolac Comfort untuk bayi yang sukar membuang air besar + baby colic + bayi yang selalu kembung perut


Product Review // My Safi Rania Gold


Set berpantang Jamu Selapan Mustika Ratu + Tungku Herba + Losyen Yusmira Pati Halia


Happy Giveaway by Mrs Pip ( 28/8/17 - 16/9/17 )

the giveaway is still on until 16.9.17. hope more entries to be received for the giveaway ... come and join my simple GA  ... if you are selected as the winner, you will get a toblerone chocolate ... muehehe.

other than that, I have published 45 entries in August, with total pageviews all time history 137,787 and total followers 194. Thanks so much for following this tiny little blog of mine.

Officially >>> <<<

ok, let me tell you this, on 27/8/17 I asked my friendly blogger; sishawa to help me to get a domain name. she suggests me to buy the dotcom from NETKL, but because I'm a lazy person to purchase it by myself, I asked Awa if she could help me. 

after transfer her money >>> tada! here I am with a new domain, and on 28/8/2017 this blog previously from  changed to a new domain >>> <<< and yes, I'm happy with the new domain name.

and I can see more PV after using my own domain name.
my PV never reach 1K before this T_T
next time will check PV and UV via Google Analytics

just wanna let you know, if you are looking for blog designer, try visit sishawa blog. she provides a blog makeover with an affordable price plus good services ...

before I put away my laptop, I'm sharing the Mahua Waterfall photo to you ols  ... muehehe, will write a full entry about our road trips to Tambunan on that Merdeka Day later, insyaallah ...

thanks for reading, xoxo.



  1. tahniah mrs pip... & terima kasih sbb mention nama Awa kat situ hehe... GA mrspip tu awa nak join tauuuu... cuma x sempat lg nk up entry haha... nnti dh siap awa bg link k.. moga terus success my lovely fren. Luv u

  2. 45 entries in August!! Wow 😱😱 Rajinnya Mrs Pip. Siqah ni dalam 10 entri je per month sekarang. Hihi.

    Congrats dah tukar domain blog 😊

  3. Hi nice blog, kita pun baru tukar domain ngan Sis Hawa. Let's be friend. Check out my blog at

  4. Wahh, tahniah sis.. Memang banyak perkara yang happening berlaku pada sis dan saya doakan agar sis sekeluarga diredhai oleh Allah...

  5. kak.. banyak nye entri bulan ogos kak.. hahahaha~ bulan ogos blog kite sendu sesendunya..

  6. wah.. berderet entri dia.. terbaikk lah

  7. Cepat2!!! Hari ni LAST!! Jemput join Giveaway di blog yea.. mana tahu ada rezeki menang apa-apa hadiah kan... kalau tak minat hadiah.. jemput join sekadar support contest di blog TB tu ke.. boleh...? heeee.. thank you.. i love you.. =) jom meriahkan lagi contest ni disamping boleh dapat trafik dari peserta-peserta yang join untuk blogwalking.. =)..

    Kepada yang dah join.. Terima kasih sangat-sangat... semoga Allah murahkan rezeki korang.. Aamiin..

    1. alamk TB, mmg tak sempat join segmen awak .. nextime insyaallah kita join ok ...

  8. Congrts utk domain baru sis !! Bestnya stay di Banjaran Crocker. Sa nda perna smpai sana lagii =D

  9. Eh tarikh kita tukar domain nak dekat sama la sis.. hehe..

    1. hehe, mrs pip main tukar2 domain ni , tak cari pun tarikh yg senang nak ingat...

  10. Cantiknya air terjun tu. Dan tahniah utk domain baru. Lebih nampak profesional dan senang utk ingat.

  11. Salam Mrs Pip
    What a great shot of that Mahua Waterfall. Absolutely stunning and I just can't wait to go there. Love your blog especially your image header and great informative posts as well. The 'cara tanak NASI PULUT' is indeed one useful article. Absolutely brilliant post, surely you got high traffic for that!
    Lan and Joe

    1. it's a great escape to be in Mahua Waterfall :))

  12. Tahniah untuk domain baru. tak sabar nak tgu next entry :)

  13. wow..kak PV ni biarpun follower tak sampai 200 tapi PV melebihi 1k..tahiah ..keep it up kak

  14. Tahniah untuk domain baru mrs pip.. Ohsem sangat..