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Monday, 21 August 2017

SGshop Merdeka Giveaway

hi there,

ok, so once again here I am to join this credit giveaway from SGShop and this time because it is MERDEKA MERDEKA MERDEKA ! ... currently, blog DULULAINSEKARANGLAIN.COM is calling all MALAYSIANS to join / participate their SGShop Merdeka credit giveaway .... yeah!

Click banner to join but pls read the instruction below.

how to join the contest?

1/ LIKE SGShop Malaysia facebook, after you LIKE their FB, please SCREENSHOT

2/ SHARE SGSHOP Malaysia facebook on your FB WALL, and type #SGShopMerdekaGiveaway , then SCREENSHOT

3/ GO TO DULU LAIN SEKARANG LAIN FACEBOOK PAGE , and PM them the screenshot in #1 & #2 justnow ....

4/ if you have no sgshop account, pls register.

5/ GO TO SGSHOP website, and find any item that you want to buy from sgshop, paste the photo in your blog entry together with the link of the item.

6/ GO TO blog DULU LAIN SEKARANG LAIN, and in the comment section, please provide your blog post url, email and your sgshop account name.

note: if you are not a blogger, you still can join this giveaway ... what you need to do is just paste the link of the item in the comment section at blog DULU LAIN SEKARANG LAIN, but pls follow all the instructions above except #5 ....

so what do I want from sgshop? .... this is what I gonna buy if I won the credit ...

It is a set of simple planner , RM76.22 per set
and here is the link,

so, wish me luck ...



  1. Thank you for participating, Mrs Pip! Very lovely Planner - if u win, still got enough balance utk cover postage costs. But pls check your FB ya - the 'Share' setting must be 'Public' or else I can't see the post dear. All the best! :D