My 5 Most Read Entries for July 2017 + Good and Bad things do happen in life

hi there, happy August everyone! .... let's see what's so popular in July that most readers read here in my blog T_T ...

blog entry paling hangat
blog entry paling hangat


Susu Frisolac Comfort untuk bayi yang sukar membuang air besar + baby colic + bayi yang selalu kembung perut


Set berpantang Jamu Selapan Mustika Ratu + Tungku Herba + Losyen Yusmira Pati Halia


Cara senang tanak nasi pulut


Product Review // My Safi Rania Gold


Beli pam susu Autumnz Bliss yang murah dari LAZADA

surprisingly, the most read entry #3; cara tanak nasi pulut was one of the most read entries in week 3, and listed in the most 5 read entries for July 2017! yeah ... so I guess many of 'penggemar nasi pulut' now trying to cook this glutinous rice by themselves ... ah! if you were one of the penggemar nasi pulut, you ols can try another simple method to cook your own glutinous rice as I shared in the previous entry ...

Cara senang tanak beras pulut yang dicampur bersama beras biasa (pada nisbah 2:2)

what's else in July? ... I have 54 other entries, but some of the entries were blog segments and giveaways segments , and yes, I did my own bloglist segments as well ... congrats to all 12 selected bloggers that bloglisted by me, and they will stay in the list until end of August or until new bloglist segment to be done.

Senarai pemenang 'I AM BLOGLISTED BY MRS PIP #2'

and please stay tune for another Giveaway by Mrs Pip , it's coming soon this month! insya allah ....

what's more in July? ... finally! I have reach the target getting my first 100K pageviews this year, the blog has reached 117K pageviews with 171 followers ... many thanks to all the bloggers that follow this tiny little blog T_T. I still remember early of this year, the PV was only 24K with 1 follower , with average 2K PV per month ... more journey to go to reach 1M PV, think positive, stay positive, and yes! let's aim the next target to get the 1M PV *big dream tough work* ...

good and bad things do happen in life , so to me as well ... good thing is,

Happy Anniversary; 5 years of marriage.

and winning some giveaways from other bloggers and contest from Lazada and SGShop :) *big grin happy spending all the credits* hehe ...

and bad thing news is,

Goodbye Heavenly Mommy :(

after waiting for months and months and months, finally I'm pregnant, but Allah knows the best T_T sentiasa bersangka baik, redha dan tawakkal kepada sang pencipta ...

and that's all at the moment. thanks for reading this tiny little blog. and because of you, it's growing up day by day ... xoxo, love ols ...

have a nice day everyone



  1. Congratulations on 100k views Mrs Pip. More goals to achieve. Happy blogging and do support each other :)

  2. Takziah Mrs Pip. And congrats for achieving your target. Wow!

  3. Terus success Mrs PIP! :)

    Takziah utk baby Heavenly...

  4. keep it up dear...
    kena rajin2 update blog..
    kalau akak mmg more on family food n travel. just love to share.

  5. Saya pon suka pulut...hihi

  6. Allah ganti lebih baik nanti kak.
    & happy anniversary =)

  7. Thanks semua ... happy blogging to you all too, and yes let's support each other ... more steps to go , insya allah ...

  8. Byk bltopik menarik kt blog ni


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