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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

My 5 Most Read Entries for June 2017 + Jom join Segmen 'I AM BLOGLISTED BY MRS PIP #2'

hi there,

so, how was your raya? hope you ols have a beautiful and memorable hari raya for this year T_T ... as for me, I'm not so into berhari-raya ... not feeling so well during raya, and alhamdulillah, I'm good now, thanks to all yang mendoakan mrs pip cepat sembuh, love ya.

A little bit update about mrs pip's blog. first, thanks to all readers and followers for always stay tune with mrs pip's blog. as of this entry was typed, this blog has 141 follower and all time pageviews almost reaching 100K :) , phew!

still remember early of this year, the pv was only around 24K, and when mr.Husband asked "so, do you think you can get 100K PV within this year?" .... at that time, PV was only 2K/month, and with 1 follower ...

starting with blogwalking, leaving few comments, follow other blogs, joined blog segment, sponsor blog segment, and execute very own blog segment and GA, it helps to increase the PV. from 2K per month, slowly the PV increased, but still need to work hard to achieve target .... at the moment, current PV is 15K, but target is 25K per month ....

if you have TIPS how to increase PV, share with mrs pip ya.

ok, let's see what is HOT in June 2017 inside mrs pip's blog:-


Susu Frisolac Comfort untuk bayi yang sukar membuang air besar + baby colic + bayi yang selalu kembung perut


Set berpantang Jamu Selapan Mustika Ratu + Tungku Herba + Losyen Yusmira Pati Halia


Product Review // My Safi Rania Gold


Beli pam susu Autumnz Bliss yang murah dari LAZADA


Pengalaman pumping breastmilk menggunakan pam susu jenama AUTUMNZ yang best!

come and join mrs pip's latest bloglist segment :-

Sedang berlangsung! Segmen 'I AM BLOGLISTED BY MRS PIP #2'

this bloglist segment will end on 20th July 2017 @ 2pm .... lucky winners will be notified on 22nd July 2017 ... and if more than 40 participants, 2 lucky winners will be selected to receive secret gift from mrs pip.

and for the whole June 2017, mrs pip has 49 entries (post entry + bloglist segment + giveaway segment) .... check it  out all the entry post HERE ....

and once again, thanks for reading and support this blog.



  1. Best of luck, sis.. Semoga ada rezeki untuk sis.. =)

  2. Hye mrs.pip. saya pun masih lemah bab PV ni.. errrmmm

  3. mrs.pip. apa syarat2 segmen tu? apa yang perlu dibuat?

  4. banyaknya entry..thumbs up!saya entry tak sampai lima pun.hehe.

  5. wah kak...entry pasal pantang dan parenting memang banyak carian