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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Selected as one of the WINNERS of SGShop from KISAHEMASPUTIH

hi there,

it's third week of puasa. hope everyone have a nice day today and for all the muslims, hope you all enjoy the puasa moments, while for the nonmuslims, have you go to bazaar ramadhan and try the food? ... happy eating afterall.

last Sunday, I managed to go to Giant Papar to buy baking ingredients! yeah, baking time is just around the corner, it's been two years since I'm away from my old oven and mixer ....

while mr.husband was driving on that day, and the kids were busy playing with their toys inside the car, as usual, I will do my blog reading list to know the latest update what's new, amd while scrolling and scrolling, I came to Uzu's latest entry anouncement of the winners of her simple GA of SGShop ....

I scroll down to see the winners list and yada yada, very alhamdulillah, my name listed #7 as one of the selected winners 🙆 ... thank you so much Uzu 💟 ....

rezeki raya 😊

so now, I have to sit back and relax, and start browsing the SGShop website what to buy using the RM100 credit giveaway .... but most probably I'm going to buy the geometry design carpet for our humble small merphin house 🏡 .....

to the other winners, congrats ....



  1. wahh.. tahniah mrs pips.. rezeki nak raya ni kann..

  2. wahhh, Alhamdulillah, tahniah kak! rezeki raya!

  3. Tahniah Mrs. Pip.. Rezeki bulan ramadhan.. :)

  4. Tahniah...rezeki di bulan mulia ini

  5. Tahniah mrs pip. Rezeki baby ni

  6. Tahniah sis.. Murah rezeki awak.. =)

  7. tahniah Mrs Pip ! bestnyaaa~

  8. Tahniah kak Pip 😄👌👍

  9. WAH !!!! THNIAH SIS !!!! alhamdulillah rezeki ramadhan =D

  10. Thanks semua ...
    mrs pip juga doakan kamu semua sentiasa murah rezeki T_T
    Salam Ramadhan.

  11. Alhamdulillah.. Murah rezeki Mrs Pip..