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Saturday, 6 May 2017

THE AMERZING BLOGSLIST : being me as a stay at home mom and a caterer

hi there,

join another blog segmen. and this time from a blogger called Amerzing ....

it is very easy to join, just click banner ...

and here is the rules too ... copy and paste for easy reference ....

Requirements to join "THE AMERZING BLOGLIST":

1. Follow AMERZING.

2. Follow Google+ Amer Ridzuan.

3. Like AMERZING Facebook page.

   AMERZING Page  : (

4. Write a very short review post about AMERZING and a story about THE MOST AMAZING       THING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN YOUR LIFE.

The most amazing thing that happened in my life was when I delivered both my sons. Nothing I could described the feeling except IT WAS TRULY AMAZING. thanks Allah SWT for giving me the chance to deliver my child, and thanks ALLAH SWT for easing me with the delivery. And once I heard my baby crying, I feel relieved and tears coming down when the baby placed on my chest. It's mine. Thanks Allah SWT, Ya Rahman Ya Rahim. 

    Post title: THE AMERZING BLOGSLIST: "Up to you (no restriction)"
    (Perhaps, it will be written in English, but Malay also can. No worry...)

5. Post this banner and link back to this entry.

6. Have fun writing the post! (This is compulsory)



  1. assalamualaikum,

    blogwalking dari segmen yang sama

  2. Hi, I'm here for the final judgement for the AMERZING Bloglist winners. Maybe you will be one of 'em. Wait for the announcement on this 3 June 2017. Cheers!!!