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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Lazada Ramadhan Contest 2017

hi there,

yeah! Lazada ada contest lagi, kali ni bertemakan Lazada Ramadhan Raya. Contest berlangsung bermula pada 19/5 sehingga 23/Jun 2017. dan kali ini, ada sedikit kelainan, kerana contest Lazada bukan hanya satu contest, tapi ada 4 contest, yup 4! ...

satu minggu satu contest, so jom kita ramai-ramai join contest ni, lagi ramai lagi meriah, hadiah pun semakin mantap! ....

mrs pip siap copy syarat2nya contest untuk mudahkan korang refer yer ... setiap minggu ada satu tema, dan jangan lupa untuk mematuhi semua syarat2 yang Lazada tetapkan T_T nnt tak pasal2 kena disqualified pula ;(

Coinciding with the Lazada Ramadhan Sale ( that will take place from May 16 to 27 June (where you can find special discounts up to 90%!), we are pleased to share with you our special Lazada Ramadhan Blogger contest where we will be awarding prizes to up to 80 bloggers! 

To participate, please check the instructions below: 

How to Join – Lazada Ramadhan Raya Blogger Contest

1. The contest runs from 19 May until 25 June 2017 (4 Weeks) 
Pertandingan ini bermula 19 Mei sehingga 25 Jun 2017 (4 Minggu) 

2. During these 4 weeks, there will be 1 contest held every week with a different theme (in totality there will be 4 contests held during these 4 weeks). Every contestant may participate in more than one contest. 
Sepanjang 4 minggu pertandingan ini, akan ada topik berbeza setiap minggu. Peserta boleh memilih salah satu dari topik-topik tersebut. Peserta juga boleh menyertai lebih dari sekali. 

3. To take part in any of the following contests, each contestant (blogger), during the relevant contest period, shall write an article and post on his/her blog (“Article”) on the relevant theme. The Article shall contain such relevant contents and answers to all the relevant questions specified below: 
Untuk menyertai pertandingan ini, peserta hendaklah menulis tentang topik yang ditetapkan mengikut tarikh pertandingan tertentu . Peserta hendaklah menjawab soalan-soalan berikut: 

1. Week One Contest: 

 Contest period: 19 May 2017 – 1 June 2017 
 Title of the article: Recipe's name 

Theme: Delicious Ramadhan 
 a. What are your favorite Iftar dishes? 
 b. Share the recipes of the dishes 
 c. What kind of products can you find on Lazada’s platform to help you prepare the dishes? 

 For your references :
 Delicious Ramadhan(link) : Kitchen Appliances
 Bazaar Ramadhan(link) : Groceries 

2. Week Two Contest: 

Theme: My Ramadhan Home 

 Contest period: 2 June 2017 – 8 June 2017 
 Title of the article: Any title related to the Article 

 a. How are you decorating your house to be Raya ready? 
 b. Share your house decorating tips for this Raya 
 c. What kind of products (e.g., furniture) can you get on Lazada’s platform to help you decorate your house for this Raya? 

3. Week Three Contest: 

Theme: Looking Good & Beautiful 

 Contest period: 9 June 2017 – 15 June 2017 
 Title of the article: Any title related to the Article 

 a. What's your color theme for this Raya? 
 b. Share your outfit details for this Raya 
 c. What outfit/clothes would you like to buy on Lazada’s platform for this Raya? 

4. Week Four Contest: 

Theme: Travelling Back Home 

 Contest period: 16 June 2017 - 25 June 2017 
 Title of the article: Any title related to the Article 

 a. Where do you celebrate Raya this year? 
 b. List down your "balik kampung" essentials. 
 c. What would you like to buy on Lazada’s platform to bring along for "balik kampung"? 

3. The Article must contain screenshots of the products mentioned in point 1.c, 2.c, 3.c and 4.c 

4. Contestants need to mention Marhaban Ya Ramadhan and Riang Ria Raya sale ( will take place from May 19 to 30 June (where you can find special discounts up to 90%!). 

5. Contestants are required to submit the link to their Article via e-mail to with the subject titled: Lazada Ramadhan Raya Blogger Contest 

6. Contestants are welcomed to post the article in any language. 

7. Winners will be selected at random. 

Prizes – More Participants More Winners

Depending on the overall number of participants there will be either 15, 20, 50 or 80 winners: 

1. Less than 100 Participants (15 winners)
 15 x RM100

2. More than 100 Participants (20 winners)
 1st Prize: 1 x RM400
 2nd Prize: 8 x RM150
 3rd Prize: 11 x RM100 

3. More than 200 Participants (50 winners) 
 1st Prize: 1 x RM500 
 2nd Prize: 16 x RM150 
 3rd Prize: 33 x RM100 

3. More than 300 Participants (80 winners) 
 1st Prize: 1 x RM600 
 2nd Prize: 35 x RM150 
 3rd Prize: 44 x RM100 

Good news! Every week, we will select 3 lucky bloggers to win RM100 shopping voucher each at Lazada. 

Invite your blogger friends to join this contest, so you will increase your chance of winning! The more the merrier! 

all the best semua



  1. Sha tengah karang entry.. hehehe..
    Jom ramai-ramai joint... Baru meriah..

    1. Gudluck Sha ...
      karang jgn tak karang...
      the more the merrier.

  2. Eh rumah baru la.. nak join. Tengah cari idea huhu

  3. Replies
    1. bha Lu, share share menu rahsia kau Lu :)

  4. Tengah fikir ni, kena ringankan jari jemari ni menulis

    1. Hi Lia ...
      bah, ringan2kan jari jemari ....
      join ramai2 kita...manatau rezeki raya.

  5. Jom join ramai2..tengah duk fikir nk tulis apa..hahaha

    1. jangan fikir lama2 sgt, nnt terlepas pula contest week 1 ni...

  6. Nak join jugak kalau berkesempatan hehe

    1. bah ... join join ...
      the more the merrier.

  7. tak sempatlah nak join, untuk mrs pip semoga berjaya

    1. Tq aryan..
      Tak oa, boleh join contest utk minggu yg akan dtg pula..
      Kan ada 4 contest utk 4 minggu ...

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  9. alhamdulillah sdh join 2minggu