Lil' Iman 1st day schooling .... huru hara di pagi Isnin!

hi there,

just a short entry ...

yeah! lil' Iman went to his playschool for the VERY first time last Thursday,
Friday was his 2nd day,
and there came mr.Weekend, Saturday and Sunday >>> off, no school! yeah ...

and today is Monday, his 3rd day schooling ....

1st and 2nd day was great ...
but the 3rd day????

he refused to go to school ...
and mommy has to use all kind of tactics to persuade him going out fron the car and walk to his school compound .... huru hara di pagi Isnin!

and the kuih keria save me!

this pic was taken on his 1st day schooling
see how happy his face ...

will write a full entry soon.


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