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Friday, 10 March 2017

Celebrating lil' Iman's 4th year birthday at his Permata Playschool

hi there,

our 1st son, Iman Rafael turned 4 years old last Saturday, 4/3/17.

time sure flies.

since Iman is schooling now, so mr.Husband and I decided to celebrate his birthday in his playschool because we want him to have memory celebrating his birthday with his friends and his teachers, at least once, muehehe.

as of today, at 9.30am in his school, we celebrated a small birthday party together with his 4 teachers, and his 16 other friends. we booked a cake two day early from my sister-in-law. at first we decided to have red velvet cake (yes, because mommy really wanna eat red velvet), but since the red velvet flour was out-of-stock, mr.Husband and I agreed to have banana cake.

before the party started, we took the cake at my sister-in-law's cake shop (just in case you all Membakut people wanna know which bakery, it's the SJ Cake Shop, located at1st Floor above the 100 percent shop at MJ) ...

so, here's the cake. it's a very yummylicious banana cake, topped with fresh fruit and covered with fresh cream ...

we came 10 minutes early, so while waiting the kids finished their activities, I arranged the cake on the kids dining table. it includes the goodies pack for each kids, and I separated the teachers' drinks and buns in another tray, so that the teacher can enjoy their food later.

what's inside the goodies pack?

each goodies pack consists of a pack of 200ml milo, one bar cloud 9 wafer chocolate, two fruit jelly, one medium size of buttermilk bun, and two party whistles.

more selection of buns and cakes from the SJ cake and pastry shop

the kids sing the birthday song in both malay and english version. oh! the kids were so cheerful, and they all are so lovely. they were very patient waiting to get the cake.

so after they sing the birthday song, I asked the teacher to slice the cake and give to all the kids.

while waiting for the cake to be served, I asked Iman to give each of his friend the goodies pack. so Iman went from one friend to one friend distributing his birthday goodies pack.

and each time his friend received the goodies pack, the teacher asked them to say terima kasih. they were so polite, and sooooo cute * ok, I love kids sooo much*

and the kids started blowing the party whistle, and the classroom became a bit noisy ... ah! they are just kids ... they looked so cute in my eyes playing with the whistle ... and the teacher have to put their goodies pack aside to serve the cake.

yeah, cake is served. everyone was enjoying the cake.

and I put lil' Amin to sit together with the other kids, and lucky lil' Amin sit quietly without any hesitation, and he too, enjoying his cake.

and Iman refilled the cake three times! woohaa! some other kids asked for refill as well.

and before mommy daddy and lil' Amin left the school, we took Iman's photos with each of his teacher for a sweet remembrance


cikgu Farah

cikgu Fiza

cikgu Ika

last but not least,
cikgu Rozy 

(I hope I got all the teacher's name correctly)

and one of the staff who thought Iman just like her grandson
She told me she missed her grandson so much,
And her grandson is same age like Iman

Oh Puan, don't be sad.


oh Puan, I didn't ask your name earlier. I am so sorry


snapped photos of lil' Amin outside the school

so, that's all for lil' Iman's 4 years old birthday party, and this is the very 1st time we celebrating his birthday ever since he was born. last year November, we celebrated our kids birthday party, but it was lil' Amin's 2nd year birthday to be exact and we just joint celebrated it with lil' Iman 3rd year old birthday. so this one is lil' Iman's real birthday party.

it was just a small and simple birthday party, but what important is that the memory we created for our kids, so one day when they grow up, we hope they could remember all the sweetest things in their early years.

thanks teachers, thanks kids, thanks to all staffs ...
and thanks sister-in-law for making the yummy cake and buns ...
love you all.

and doakan yang baik baik for our lil' Iman too.

to lil' Iman, grow up healthy and be a good wise taqwa man.


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