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Sunday, 5 February 2017

My 5 Most Read Entries for January 2017 + planning

hi there,

I told myself to start planning my plan monthly. I told myself that I can do it. I have so many things in mind to do, but it seems quite hard to start with anything. I should stop SIGH and MUST work for it to achieve my target.

I should not wait for NEXT month to do the planning, so I promised myself to start doing it in THIS month. how about you readers? have you encounter this kind of things? you have so MUCH in mind to do but you keep procrastinate your planning? and you feel frustrated because none of your planning seems working....

keep on dreaming babes, but keep making your dream comes true. MAKE IT HAPPEN. I wrote an entry about TIME TO CHANGE MYSELF, and I'm trying to make it happen, so together us strive to reach our goal successfully.

one of my planning this year is to reach my 100K pageviews before December come. I'm on my way planning few things for my blog to increase more visitors to come and read my blog. and I hope I am able to reach the target.

If I managed to get 100K pageviews before this coming December, I promised myself to give a NICE reward for the achievement. yeah! once you put a REWARD for yourself when you reach your target, you will work more and more and give more than 100% hard work. try it out babes! try give reward for yourself once you reach your target, and you will find how amazing the feeling is.

I am thankful for every of you who come and visiting my blog. and each month I checked what is my 5 top entries that readers read the most. for this January 2017, my 5 top entries are:-


Set berpantang Jamu Selapan Mustika Ratu + Tungku Herba + Losyen Yusmira Pati Halia





other than that, for the month of January 2017, I blogged 15 entries / topics, and in case you missed out, I listed it here:-

since it is February, and many will plan to celebrate Valentine's Day, stay tune for my Valentine's Ideas Gift.


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