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Friday, 27 March 2015

Trip ke Pulau Tiga : Our Sweet Moments

hi there.

yeah ... memang seronok habiskan masa di Pulau Tiga bersama keluarga tersayang ... walaupun mrs pip ndak berpeluang untuk mandi manda like sweet old days *maybe next time* , tapi mrs pip still having a good happy time at Pulau Tiga ....

few sweet moments yang dibidik guna casio exilim iteww ....

playing with chipumpum

berselfie with gummypie

gummypie treat himself with ribena 
*paksa his poh poh to give him the drinks, hurmmm*

having a great time with his cousin, wawa

manja manja with his daddy

gummypie happy face dapat swimming di kolam besarrrrr ...
that is what he called laut as kolam besarrr ...

our happy faces .... oh no, where is gummypie?

after all, part of the trip is 
to commemorate our 1000 days of love 
living together as husband and wife 


so the next 1000 days of love, where are we going mr.Husband?
hints: sushi


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