Brotherly love

what a brotherly love ... lega rasanya mrs pip tinguk both my lil' askar is getting along well together ... ya lah kan, mrs pip takut juga kalau kalau our gummypie ni akan jeles dengan his lil'brother chipumpum ... but sangkaan mrs pip tu meleset ...

lately, gummypie always want to tag along with chipumpum ... and yang paling best, everytime gummypie wanna play with chipumpum, gummpie cakap 'slow slow, be careful' , dia takut chipumpum terkena his big legs or long hands ... hahahaha ...

 Gummypie peluk cium chipumpum

 'mommy ... dukung..' gummypie bagitau dia mau dukung chipumpum

 muah muah

 best friends forever

 gummypie said 'telinga' pointing to chipumpum ear

gummypie is doing 'saranghae' on his head

to my dear sons, live happily and healthy ya, and be good to each other always... muah muah, mommy saranghae! 

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